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Monday, 10 November 2008

find all sites owned by the same person; find blog of your competitor

Found a web service that allows to search all web sites by same owner, or by google analytics ID. It links sites by Google Analytics ID, Google AdSense ID and other IDs like Kontera and YPN - showing all sites containing the ID of the site in question.

They claim it's possible to find blogs of your competitors.. That's quite possible, I tried several sites run by people I know, and it really listed all their sites, even they've never told me about. It turns out one of my competitors bought 3 additional domain names for their site (but since they were absent in google search results on keywords I considered important, I didn't know about those sites).

That's nice, before this service, it was possible to search for sites only by domain name owner data (but due to popularity of private domain registration, it was becoming obsolete).

Thursday, 23 October 2008

coupons for AdWords , MS AdCenter and Yahoo Partnership Network with 90% discount!!

It turns my favorite domain name registrar runs (or just entered) a hosting business, and offers a lot of coupons when signing for a hosting plan! By spending $60 (for Developer hosting plan, that costs $20 per month, minimum period is 3 monthes) one gets a coupons for advertising services for $475 ($200 for MS AdCenter, $100 for AdWords, $75 for Yahoo Search Marketing, $100 for CitySearch). One gets 5 domains names for free too, but in case you don't prolong the hosting after initial 3 monthes, your domains need to be transferred to other registrars; depending on registrar, they can charge you for 1 year during transfer; some of them won't though).

The only limitation is that one has to activate all coupons in 15 days period, but that's not a big deal, I think. So one can get $475 of advertising budget by spending only $60 - very nice deal!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Creating animated banners in Photoshop seems to be trivial..

Tried to create animated banners in Photoshop, for first time. It turns to be very easy!! I never thought it was that easy (for people who know Photoshop basics, at least). Will compose a lot of them, and put them to AdWords..

Saturday, 9 August 2008

turns out AdWords limits to 25 campaigns per account..

Just hit an Adwords limit of 25 campaigns per account. Surprisingly, Google Adwords Editor complained with unfriendly message "error code 17, remove something from your account" when I tried to create new campaing in it. I had to go to adwords account online and try adding new campaing there, only after that I got a clear explanation that the limit is 25 campaigns per account.