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Saturday, 2 May 2009

browsing Google Analytics reports on iPhone

I've tried Analytics Pro tool from AppStore (about $4 IIRC). I got addicted to it - browsing reports while laying in the bag makes it fun and inspiring. It brings me more ideas and allows me to check reports more often.

No feeling of "lost time" that I get looking at reports on the computer.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

banner ad performance

Several monthes ago I've bought a banner using non-google advertising broker on a site that has my target audience. It was claimed that my banner will be shown 150k times per month.

Too bad that broker doesn't allow to see real number of times banner was displayed. I was getting approx 3-5 clicks daily on that banner (I didn't track number of conversions).

It costed me $50/month. It seems more experiments are needed with that broker (it has too many sites in database to choose from).

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

tried to outsource development of iphone program

I've got an idea of a program for iPhone. Decided to outsource development of its initial version to somewhere else.

Posted a project on All bids are in range $2k-$5k (got 15 bids); some people ask per hour - chinese ask $15/hr, americans from $60 to $125 (the guy with arabic name).

Posted same project to All bidders seem to be arabic there. They ask from $1200 to $1600.

Then I've sent request to authors of similar programs in AppStore to buy their source code. People charge from $3k to $10k for it.

It seems I'll have to code it myself..